*If you are looking to buy prints, cards, and off the shelf items visit Venue in Seattles’ Ballard neighborhood, or Riverside Studios in Truckee, CA. To hear about the commission process, read on….



My favorite way to work is to sit down over a hot drink and talk a little about what aspects of my art catch your eye, then what other things interest you, and come up with some ideas and themes. From there I go home and sketch and think and sketch some more and when I have something or things I like, I send off photos from my notebook. Maybe its rough ideas, or sketches done around a layout, but a view into my process and a chance to approve of the direction things are going or say “lets try something else”.  Once we have a solid sketch that you have approved I will continue on to the final cut. Then its mounted and framed and delivered.  Unless I have some other major commitment, the process should be completed in about a month.  Prices vary by size, but I try to keep them accessible as I would rather do a commission piece than a blind transaction through a gallery if given my choice.  Working together to create something and getting to see the path that leads to the final piece makes for a richer experience and more personal artwork.



This process can be used to collaborate on all manner of art beyond framed pieces. Lately ive worked on images for t-shirts, business logos, weddings invites and kettubah, website graphics, and personal gifts  for a wide range of individuals and groups.  I love to get art out in new ways and into new places, so dont hesitate to pose a crazy idea. Lately, I have also been translating paper  my papercut artwork into laser-cut steel pieces for large scale outdoor applications such as privacy screens, gates, and artful signage.

Some recent commission clients include:  Altai Skis,The Felicity Ann Boat Project, The Pine Hearts, IVARS, San Juan County Dept. of Emergency Management, One Simple Question (film), The Center for Wooden Boats, Rainshadow Running, Turner Farm, V Smiley Preserves, and Edible Seattle, Methow Arts, Twispworks, Johnston Architects, The Cascades Wolverine Project, and more.

I also love teaching classes and workshops and often do presentations about my  own artistic process. Recent educational programs I work with include; Methow Arts, Islandwood, Cedarroot Folk School, Centrum, and the Northwest Maritime Center.


To contact me regarding a piece of artwork or a commission project send me an email, or use the easy  form below.


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