In the bookstacks

“S is for Salmon” comes out today…. officially to be found all around in indie book stores and library shelves and of course online. Boy does it take a long time to get to this point, but it feels lovely to hold the finished product in my hand and see it going out to a new generation of little naturalists/artists/superheroes.

IMG_2911IMG_2918And as is the way of publishing,  we are already deep in the next project coming 2015. It might be titled “Through the locks”. It might have a small naturalist/explorer/ninja fighter for a main character, and this might become the idea for the cover……stay tuned, and see you in the book stacks.

Click here to buy signed copies of “S is for Salmon” from me via Etsy, or shop your local indie book store.


Make your own fun

“Make your own fun” means you dont need endless tubs of plastic toys

or swing and slide parks

or scheduled, organized, excessively structured play times.

Fun is anywhere you are, with whatever you have,

costs nothing and requires nothing but an open heart.

It is a great  co-op preschool in the depths of a funky church basement.

These shirts and totes I designed for a fundraising project at Broadview.