putting food by



“Untouched” 24″x18″

For this year i am thinking that i want to make more things for myself and my loved ones, there will be plenty of art,  but i want more banana breads, and jars of jam, and hand stitched curtains, and superman insignia silkscreened on everything my son owns.  I want to turn off the internet, (wasnt blogging intended to be done at a cafe?)  read more books, plant a not so improbable garden, and listen to all the stories my mom can tell me.

Resilience and Revelry  are what im thinking of this year. …. and maybe running, ive been doing lots of running.




12 miles today and more to come thanks to some lovely inspiration tangled up in an art contract. This year I will make a series of images for each of Rainshadow Runnings’  trail races and ultramarathons.  As we started to go back and forth to make it all happen I began to think that maybe it was a little bit of fate that they contacted me, and really what excercise do i have time for if not running?  No, crazy gear, no pool schedules to wrestle with, and as it happens the dog needs to get walked and the kid needs to get to school anyway. So ive been running, recently in the rain, and along the Truckee river during a trip to set up a show at Riverside Studios, and over Christmas in frozen midwest cornfields reminiscent of the movie “Winters Bone”.

It is clearing my head, and letting fresh ideas flow….

So the running part is not my resolution, its the making space in life, so that these new  ideas and old ideals can  grow.

Happy new year.



“Along Highway 139″  18″x24”


the onion, the sure thing

An onion is a sure thing.

It is easy to keep for months, and will be the same tearfully wonderful kitchen staple  after a winter in a sack as it was the  first day picked. It is also a gateway vegetable. The simple onion inspires me and suddenly there are buckets of beets in sand under the porch and nooks and crannies stuffed with jars of pickled and jammed everything.

I gave away a whole braid of onions in the fall, feeling overwhelmed with produce, they’re just onions…

Now im out of my own, but rather than regret reckless generosity,  I want it to remind me to hand out the  precious stinging nettle pesto  and all the treasures that come along this year with the same  generous abandon.