Straight Back Home to You

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When I think of home it is still a saltwater farm, and a blonde man, and a swirl of swallows so busy, so certain of purpose as they build.

This month we will present Straight Back Home to You  as a multimedia installation in Gage Academy of Arts’  Steele Gallery. It is an idea that was blown in on the wind and kept me up all that night. I am lucky to know the lovely new curator at Gage, Shelly Leavens, and even luckier to have been given an opportunity to make an idea into an exhibit.

I drew a napkin sketch with an improbable nest at the center, so i called the remarkable sculptor Margie Mcdonald. Scampering through the picture was a woman, so I got in touch with mover and shaker Amy Ross and she assembled a team.  I imagined subtle counterpoint to McDonalds dramatic structures….and the ephemera of Sarah Jones had to be worked in. But what would be the sound?… Emily Eagle is crafting that part.  And with all of this there must be one perfect bite or smell or bit of drink…. Jess Thomson is the one for that in my life.

Now here it is, a thing forming around me, that I get to push and pull together at the end when they  have done their good work. Maybe with a thousand birds of mine,  and childs building blocks, and the artifacts that we keep through all the changes, all the moves, and  all the  paths we make from our front door.

See the installation on the third floor, 1501 10th ave E.  Sept. 7- Oct. 6

Come be part of the fun and pies and performance during the reception on Sept. 21st. 6-8pm.

*ill be sure to add some photos when we get to installing…