Summer slips to fall


Silver lining  17″x5″

Every year the fall comes and I get itchy, antsy for the crispness in the air and for new adventures and change. When I was young, Maine’s Common Ground Fair marked the change with bluebird days and annual sighting of my blacksmith friend Zack, (who still exists, see his wonderful workHERE) then dockside departure preparations for sailing ships, and  winter work seasons in the sun or even southern hemisphere….

Now its the first day of preschool.

But im still itchy, expecting that change to come that will somehow re-arrange complicated life into a new and clearer path.

In the meantime, standing by…. i am preparing,


Sneak peek of Emergency Preparedness Poster Series, coming soon to an Island near you.

It has also been a summer of love in the studio, with a bunch of commissions for anniversary gifts and wedding Kettubah. here are some snippets, and best wishes to all the happy couples.

Sadly, this summer has also seen the passing of loved partners and changing of longtime loves. It is an imperative reminder to me that we can never be prepared to loose someone, so instead  may we have and hold and love so sweetly, making the most of whatever time we get to share.



Inspiration is free


Project 30"x20"



I think this year for christmas I am getting inspiration.

*I asked for a flat file, dreamed of a cashmere hoody, and truly need new tires for my bike (the go everywhere, carry everything,one less minivan, crucial-for-life item).

All this month, like my own advent calendar (and better  than cheap chocolates that you open a new door to every day) things have been coming my way.  Inspiring people and places, in all types of media are streaming in.  At the same time the light is shining on my own web of  connections within the work that is already started……A strong breath blowing under the fledgling fire and giving it oxygen to burn  bright.

At the top of my inspiring list is a Biology professor at the University of Washington, who is trying to revitalize the study of Natural History with the help of new technology and his own web of creative folks from all different disciplines.  Check out The Natural Histories Project, and an upcoming article in “Science” journal  by J.Tewksbury and collaborators that will have some of my art tucked into the background.


by commission 16"x11"

the curators


“He is a hoarder and I am a purger, so together… we curate,” she told me as I ooed and ahhed around their apartment.  I was truly flattered and very nervous to think that a piece of mine was soon to fit into this collection of things. The last couple commissions ive done from phone calls and email, and in the end at delivery, gotten my only glimpse of the lives that my art would become a part of.







Now having met the prized thirty year old algae on the windowsill and seen the view that inspired this whole project, I was working with a lot more impressions. For better or worse.







I sent out sketches, and proofs and despite  attacks of spring fever on both ends the piece was completed and ready to deliver (the most scary moment of all despite approvals at all stages).

There was happiness, even hugging. But the best piece for me was some praise of the process, and appreciation for a chance to see inside my notebooks and my story, while sharing theirs with me.  She told me I should be emphasizing the “experience”.

So here are some of the pieces of this puzzle.


Also for more great voyeurism  check out the 2011 Sketchbook Project as it stops here in Seattle on its world tour.   10,000 moleskine folios From fine art to first graders and everything in between, including me.   June 10,11,12    At Form/Space Atelier 12pm-4.