fast and light

 Looking north from Saddlebag island, the high ridge of Lummi island looms in the distance. The current lines wind their way, following underwater bathymetry and their own fickle whims. In eddies at dusk we found porpoise and sea lions, salmon and seabirds. (12″x18″)

I have a family that still fits in a 15′ sailboat.

In the rest of life we have, what feels to me, like way too much stuff. Boat trailers, bikes and bikes, a weedwacker, a motorcycle, and even what constitutes a second home (its off the grid on a mountain and has no hot water but we have and do sometimes live there).

Some days it bogs me down, all those things.

When I was my sons age we lived on a 30′ sailboat with no standing headroom, and depending on my dads temperament, no motor.

So it is blissful freedom to pack food and the fewest things in our tiny boat and head out into the islands for a few days adventuring. To be out all day long and sleep under stars and be lulled by the waves, to have almost nothing and need even less.

To be reminded that if that was all i had, my family, their love, and a wild bit of space, it would be plenty.


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